We always wait before we start offering our clients the latest versions of software. LXD version 4.0 was released on April 3 and we’re happy to announce that we’re now offering LXD Consultations with the latest version - 4.0!

We typically run multiple tests on different software stacks in our testing environment. While we still do this for many of our LXD consulting clients own software, we have our own tests that we run to ensure the latest versions of software are stable to be used in production.

As we’ve seen in the past, this version of LXD is extremely stable.

Contact us today if you’re interested in using LXD 4.0 in your technology stack. We would love to help you with your LXD consulting needs.

Sean Rigo

Sean Rigo leads the sales, business development, and team management of LinuxContainers.com. Sean has a diverse background that allows him to excel in building the right team for every consultation.